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Its been a good run!

 As of today I am retiring from guiding after 15 years.  I have so enjoyed time spent on the water with wonderful people.  Catching fish is a bonus!  I want to thank all those friends and clients who shared my boat chasing salmon, walleye, smallmouth bass and northern pike.  It was a great run!

Best ever

This year late August is proving to be best in recent years.  The smallmouth are plentiful and big.  So are the northern pike.  Yesterday I took a father and his 7-yr old son fishing.  They caught 6 northerns that weighed 4-8 lbs and close to a dozen smallies in 3 hrs.  Not too shabby! 

Fishing still good

Smallmouth bass action remains strong. Cool summer weather has kept fish in shallower than normal spots.  Top water baits have been effective in those areas.  The bass seem very fat suggesting a plentiful supply of gobies and alewife.  Lake levels keep rising as rain keep falling every other day it seems.  I am getting tired of cold fronts hampering fishing success.  The strong winds are moving water making for weird surface temperature fluctuations.  One side of a bay may be 58 degrees and the other side 74 degrees.  But when I find fish they are big!

Busy times

 Seems like I hardly have time of late to contribute to my blog.  Facebook seems a better choice for me this year.  This has been a strange season so far.  The biggest change from previous years has been the rainy weather.  Lake levels keep rising and that affects bass habitats.  I am finding bass in places I never found them before.  The other big change is the abundance of Northern Pike.  Nearly every trip a pike eats a bait or two.  So I added steel leaders at times and the odds changed in my favor.  In one two hour period last week  my client and I caught and released somewhere between 15-20 Northerns, many between 24-32".   What a blast!  Watch for more fishing updates on my Facebook page, Osprey Charters and Guide Service. 🎏

Gearing Up!

I have been busy as can be getting things ready for the 2017 fishing season.  I added a new Minnkota Talon shallow water anchor and a new Minnkota i-Pilot trolling motor with lots of new features.  Also added some new rods and reels to the arsenal.   Ready for action!

Farewell Tour

I have decided that 2017 will be my last season guiding in Door County.  It will be my farewell tour even though I love taking people fishing in waters that I love.  I hope to make it my best ever season since starting in 2003.  15 years is long enough and I want to do some traveling with my wife among other things.  Life is a journey and you gotta know when to move on as my body keeps telling me.   Hope to see many of my customers from the past make this a memorable summer.  See ya soon.  Tight lines!

Thanks for great season!

 Thanks to all my customer friends who helped make for a great 2016 fishing season.  I enjoyed your company and hope to see you again. 🎏

Best fishing of the summer: NOW!

 A slow summer smallmouth bite has turned very good this week.  Nice size bass on every trip.  We fished in a light rain this morning and nailed one fish after another non stop until the sun came out. C'mon rain!!

High water

Lake Michigan water levels have not been this high in 30 years.  Islands are disappearing.  Smallmouth are occupying places that were high ground a few years ago.  All this makes the hunt somewhat more challenging.  When we find fish they are big and fat but are spread out over more territory.  The storms this week really stirred things up.  Looking forward to more settled weather next week.  Be sure and check the Osprey Charters and Guide Service Facebook page for updates.

Good day in the Mink River

 Strong south winds forced us to fish the Mink River again yesterday and the results were quite good.  Ryan Baustian and his son, Jake, from Hillsdale, IL caught lots of smallmouth and even some Northern Pike.  Most pike were small but Ryan did hook this 30 incher that made a real fight of it.  

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