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Really picking up!

 Pleased to see the size of fish being caught this week in spite of another cold front.  Many nice 17-19 inch smallmouth this week.  July looks hot!
Check out this nice fish caught by a young lad from Illinois on his first cast of the trip.   Time to fish guys!

Back in business!

 My back surgery was a success and now enjoying guiding again.  Fishing action has been mixed due to crazy weather changes.  When the weather cooperates I am finding good smallmouth action on both sides of the Door peninsula.  Wind has been my greatest challenge by far.  I am hopeful that July will bring more normal weather patterns.   Be sure and follow postings on my Osprey Charters Facebook page.  

Out of commission: temporarily

 I had lumbar back surgery (laminectomy) two weeks ago and all is going well during recovery.  Neuro surgeon said I should be back to normal by June.  That is why I am not guiding in May.   Glad the surgery is behind me as I would hate to have to deal with surgery issues during the summer.  I am busy getting all my gear ready for what I think will be great summer fishing in Door Countythis season.  Lots of new tackle needs testing and I plan to be the tester.   Am also anxious to reconnect with my many charter clients of years past.   Life is an adventure so carpe diem!

Fly Fishing Option

Anyone who has caught a big fish on a fly rod knows that it is the ultimate angling experience.  First you see the fish, then you watch as the fish inhales your bait followed by "fish on!"   I take anglers into shallow weedy or rocky areas that big boats can't access because my boat is an ultra-wide bay boat design.  It is stable too making for great casting.  The best time is usually during spring and earlly summer when fish are in spawn or post spawn.  However, this past season I drifted offshore shallow rocky reefs and humps that proved ideal for fly fishing thanks to higher water levels on Lake Michigan.  That action continues all season long. Check out this photo of my friend, George, who nailed this 6 pounder on a fly in about one foot of water fishing with me in Lake Michigan waters.

2016 Season

 Even though winter is decending I can't help but think about returing to Door County again next summer.  The 2016 smallmouth action was so up and down thanks to close to 20 cold fronts that passed through the region.  Every bass angler can understand the problem.  North winds day after day put a damper on all fishing, not just bass.  When we has southerly winds the bass and walleye action was extremely good.  The bass were the fattest footballs I can remember by late summer showing an abundant food supply.  

Have a wonderful holiday season and try and get some fishing in somewhere.  For me, I am heading to coastal Texas for some great Redfish action.  

Best time of the summer

This time of the year is the best for smallmouth bass and walleye action in Door County. This past week we have been boating many 5-6 lb smallies. Can't wait to hit them again this week given the warm temps. Labor Day charter dates are plentiful. Give me a call

Picture says it all!

 Fishing top waters on a calm day is the best!  Check out this beautiful fish caught by Paige Oakes from Wausau, WI today.  She out fished her dad and brother and ended the day with a fat 20" fat boy.

Great morning!

 Bob Heil and his son from Wausau, WI caught these two beauties simultaneously this morning.  The big one is 20" long.  Many others were also caught throughout the morning all over 16".  The top water action was especially fun.  Love calm water action.

Fat one!

 Check out this 6# chunk a young angler from Kansas City landed off my boat this morning.  Never seen fatter fish.

Get on the water!

 The smallmouth action has been outstanding of late.  We boated lots of 18"+ this morning including two over 5 lbs.  Check out the Osprey Charters Facebook page to see pics from today's catch.
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