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Hot smallmouth action

 Smallmouth bass action has been quite strong the past 10 days.  We have boated many 17+ inch fish of late  including this fat 5 pounder caught by Ivan Krapac who lives in Champaign, IL.  The Mink River has lots of smaller sized fish perfect for kids to catch.

My fish

While scouting some new fishing spots with a friend I nailed this dandy 20" smallmouth the other day.  😊

Ellison Bay

We fished Ellison and Sister Bays this week and found nice smallmouth at both locations.   Good to have multiple locations to manage changing weather conditions.

Mink River

The Mink River has been a local hotspot for smallmouth action due to unusually high Lake Michigan water levels.  Lots of fish, lots of boat traffic but amazing action.  Plastics working well. 

Season finale

I ended the 2014 season with a guided trip last Sunday morning.  A huge coid front produced 30 mph NW winds with air temps in the 30s.  The conditions made it nearly impossible to fish properly let alone stay warm.  We could only fish sheltered spots.  The cold front also caused bass lock jaw everywhere too.  After 3 hours of fighting the elements we called it a day.   I pulled the boat for this year and plan to return next season where bigger than ever smallmouth will be waiting.   Thanks to all my customers who made my summer fun once again.   Hope to see you all next year.  Tight lines everyone! 

Excellent top water action

 The past week saw excellent smallmouth action with many 18+" fish caught.  The most fun has been throwing top water hard baits in shallow water when wind conditions cooperated.  My friend, Bob Crosse, did it again by nailing a beautiful 6# lunker two days ago when he fished with me.  Unfortunately the walleye action has been very poor so far in northern Door County.  Searched for hours yesterday and never saw a hook on the sonar.  Cold water seems to be the problem from what see.  Whatever, go for the bass!

Very fat fish!

 How wonderful it is to find so many big, fat smallmouth bass roaming the flats and drop offs lately.  With little or no wind this week we are able to throw top water baits with success.  August is turning out to be the best month yet this summer.

Warm water at last!

 Been working both Green Bay and Lake Michigan sides of the Peninsula this past week with much success thanks to warm water conditions.  Catching very nice, fat smallmouth in the 15-22" range on a regular basis.  Tubes and other plastics working best.  I expect the rest of season to be outstanding.  Give me a buzz if you need info.  Get on the water, summer is half over!

Cold water blues

 This summer has been cool, wet and windy making it challenging finding good fishing weather.  It feels like early May today with strong NW winds.  Bass hate this weather too!  We need heat!  When I do get out I am finding fish, particularly in Green Bay where the water is warmer than Lake Michigan.  I expect a better second half of the summer fishing than the first providing the jet stream changes.  Brrrrr!

The Mink River

 Even though strong winds have made fishing open waters challenging, the Mink River has provided a good sanctuary and excellent fishing of late.  Looking forward to getting back on the normal bay spots, however.
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