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Wind and rain

 This week's weather has been challenging for anglers in Door County.  We've seen violent thunderstorms and lots of wind, day after day.  When I can get out the fishing has been excellent.  We could several nice 4 pounders yesterday in spite of wind that made fishing tough.  Looks like weather will improve starting Friday.  Let's hope so as I am getting tired sitting on shore looking at whitecaps.

Plenty of nice fish

 When the weather cooperates we are catching some nice smallmouth bass.  A dad and his son had lots of fun last Friday cranking in lots of fish during a morning charter run.  Lasting memories for sure.

June is good!

 Weather is good and fishing is better.  Lots of action in shallow water.  I love June

Season getting close!

This warm weather is nuts!  But I'll take it.  No doubt warmer than usual weather means earlier fish spawning too.  I expect to see excellent smallmouth action in June.  New rods and reels are ready along with lots of new baits.  Can't wait to hit the water.  Hope you can join me this season. 

End of the season

I ended the 2011 Door County fishing season this past week.  Smallmouth are scattered making fishing spotty until water temps drop below 60 degrees which is a turn on for bass.  We did manage to find a few lunkers, however, that would make any bass angler take notice.  Bob Crosse from Monroe, WI fished with me and caught this huge fish on Sept 15th.  It measured 21 inches and weighed around 6+ pounds.  Notice the belly on this food shortages this summer evidently.  I'll start posting blog entrys once the 2012 season approaches.  Until then, best wishes to all my friends and clients.

Fishing still good

 Smallmouth action remains excellent lately with nice fish being caught mostly on plastics.  High winds continue to play havoc from day to day which is always frustrating.  Small craft advisory's in effect again through tomorrow.  So I sit on shore and wait.  This has been the summer of storms and wind all over the Midwest.  Fish when you can...that's my motto.

Friday's action

 Excellent smallmouth fishing continued today.  Mary Ellen Sullivan and her two children, James and Madeline fished for 3 hours with me this  morning.  We boated around 25 fish, all but a few were legal size.  We kept none.  Madeline had the hot hand and caught the most and biggest fish including one that topped 19 inches.  We had several doubles too which always creates a circus.  Mary Ellen and James caught two dandies at the same time and are shown below.  I was the bait boy.  Whoppers all around!

Yesterday's action

Yesterday morning saw beautiful weather in Door County, perfect for fishing.  Things were slow to begin with but once we found fish all three anglers on board started hauling them in.  Fun action, good company.  Check out what Dennis Pasterski caught on his birthday yesterday.  NICE! 

Best action this year

 The past week has brought outstanding smallmouth fishing to northern Door County unlike salmon fishing action.  On one trip I guided for last Friday two clients from Illinois boated over 30 smallmouth with at least a dozen over 18 inches.  The water was clear and we could see fish swimming everywhere and not another boat in sight.  Crankbaits were the hot ticket.  Check out these pics.

Good action today

 The weather may be hot and sticky, but smallmouth action remains good.  Repeat customer Steve Sullivan and his son James experienced decent action this morning aboard my boat.  Jumbo leeches were the preferred bait.  James outdid his father all morning long.  So it goes dad.
James had the hot touch last year too and you can see his picture in my gallery.  James landed a sweet 4 lb + smallie this morning which was the biggest of the day.  Dad lost a big one.  Get the picture?  Congrats James for another great performance.
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