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Yesterday's action

Yesterday morning saw beautiful weather in Door County, perfect for fishing.  Things were slow to begin with but once we found fish all three anglers on board started hauling them in.  Fun action, good company.  Check out what Dennis Pasterski caught on his birthday yesterday.  NICE! 

Best action this year

 The past week has brought outstanding smallmouth fishing to northern Door County unlike salmon fishing action.  On one trip I guided for last Friday two clients from Illinois boated over 30 smallmouth with at least a dozen over 18 inches.  The water was clear and we could see fish swimming everywhere and not another boat in sight.  Crankbaits were the hot ticket.  Check out these pics.

Good action today

 The weather may be hot and sticky, but smallmouth action remains good.  Repeat customer Steve Sullivan and his son James experienced decent action this morning aboard my boat.  Jumbo leeches were the preferred bait.  James outdid his father all morning long.  So it goes dad.
James had the hot touch last year too and you can see his picture in my gallery.  James landed a sweet 4 lb + smallie this morning which was the biggest of the day.  Dad lost a big one.  Get the picture?  Congrats James for another great performance.

5-Star Day

Yesterday was one of those great days when the weather and the fish cooperated.  The weather could not have been better.  The water was so clear we could see fish swimming 50 feet from the boat.  Jim and Mary Clay fished with me and they both competed for the biggest fish.  Both fish weighed 4.5 lbs, but note the girth on Mary's fish.  I declare the contest a draw.  All fish were liberated to fight once again. 

Wind helps sometimes

 East winds providing good action yesterday.  So did a falling barometer.  Earlier in the week high pressure and clear skies made smallmouth bass uncooperative.  But not yesterday...they smacked cranks all morning long.  The biggest fish of the day was 5 lbs.  All fish were released.  Water temps rising which will also help fishing.  Unfortunately I cannot access the Mink River this year due to low Lake Michigan water levels.  Plenty of fish in the bay, however.

Decent action

 Tried out the new boat rig yesterday in pursuit of big smallmouth bass.  The boat worked shallow water nicely and provided an excellent casting platform as I expected it would.  We caught some nice fish in shallow water including a 22" whopper that weighed 6 lbs. The fish was caught on a fly rod which is a super way to fish for bass in shallow water.   I love sight fishing for smallmouth!

Fishing at last!

 I am finally in full operation now that my new boat is rigged and ready for action.  The new Humminbird and MinnKota electronics are truly amazing.  The boat itself is so comfortable and roomy for anglers.  Bass are plentiful and biting too.  Makes for a great summer!

Spring maybe??

Seems like spring would never come this year.  Maybe now our area lakes will warm and fish will become active once again.  Time to think about summer fishing.

I travelled to NY state to pick up my new Scout 191 Bay boat.  She is so pretty and functional.  Lots of room for everyone.  Most of my time now is spent rigging the boat for the summer.  I added a MinnKota iPilot trolling motor on the bow and a MinnKota Talon power anchor pole on the stern.  I choose to install a Humminbird 898 side imaging sonar on the helm.  It is state of the art and provides incredible detail that will help find those bronzebacks in hiding spaces never before reached with other brands.  

I plan on heading to Door County around Memorial Day so look over your summer calendar and book a trip aboard my new baby.

A New Boat!!

For the past two seasons I have used two boats for guiding which makes things crazy at times.  I decided I needed to simplify things and find one  boat that could be used for both bass and walleye guiding plus personal saltwater fishing during winter months.  I found what I think will prove to be the best all around boat for everything....a Scout 191 Bay boat.  Bay boats are primarily designed for accessing shallow water where saltwater species like redfish abound.  But they also are perfect for bass fishing because they are so stable for casting yet take a good chop on the water.  I found a new 2009 Scout 191 that should be ideal.  It is 19 ft long and 8.5 ft wide.  It is big and roomy but most important, stable.  It can accommodate up to 4 anglers with room to spare.  It is powered by a 90 hp Yamaha 4-stroke that can hit 40 mph when needed.  I won't be picking up my new Scout until April 2011.  I sold the Ranger and will sell my old 1999 Scout 162 SF in Texas this winter.  If interested contact me.  Here is a picture of a new Scout 191 that is similar to my new one except mine does not have an elevated poling platform shown at the stern.  

Season over

Time to wrap up the charter season and move on to other things, like fishing redfish in Texas this winter.   Hope to see you next year.
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