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Another super day

I shared my boat with several of my grandchildren this week and we had a blast.  The fish cooperated to say the least.  Yesterday we boated 14 smallmouth all over 15 inches including several over 4 lbs.  Note my son-in-law''s smaller fish outclassed by his son's 5 pounder.  Needless to say, lasting memories were made for all.  Take my advice and take your kids and grandkids fishing!

Incredible action

 Yesterday and today provided some of the best smallmouth bass action I have ever witnessed.  It must be the heat and humidity or something because the fish were biting non stop.  In 3 hours this morning my client and I caught over 30 legal size keepers and released them all.  Most fish were in the 16-19 inch range.  High winds and lots of rain tonight and tomorrow will probably hamper water activity unfortunately.  So it when you can!!

Biggest fish this year

  On Monday Don Zahrobsky caught and released the biggest smallmouth bass landed in my boat this year.  The fat fish measured 21 inches in length and weighed 6.4 lbs (weighed on two scales by the way).  The fish is out there waiting for some lucky angler to catch him again.

He did it again!

James Sullivan beat his 20-inch fish he caught the other day by one half inch this morning and again out fished his dad, Steven.   The beautiful smallmouth weighed 5 lbs.  What made the catch so memorable was that James sight casted his bait directly in front of the fish and watched the big boy gulp it down.  The fish was released to fight another day. 

Continued good fishing

 Light west winds helped fishing today.  We boated many nice smallmouth ranging from 15-20 inches.  We could see the fish swimming around our boat all morning long.  What fun!

Awesome morning!

Today was one of those days that no angler ever forgets.  Steve Sullivan and his 10-yr old son James from Illinois fished smallmouth with me this morning and the fish were hungry.   Both anglers were rookie smallmouth anglers but managed to land a dozen or so beautiful fish all over 15 inches long.  James out fished his dad by catching two 20" beauties one of which will be hanging on his wall.  Check out the big grin on the picture below.  Way to go James!

A picture tells the tale

Take a gander at the nice smallmouth John Pini caught while fishing the Mink River with me yesterday.  The fish was released.  It measured close to 19 inches.  Nice going John!

Wind wind, & more wind!

The 4th of July weekend is not shaping up well for boaters in Door County.  Small craft advisories are posted and most boaters are frustrated to say the least.  We made it into the Mink River yesterday which wasn't easy given the wind.  The good news is that bass fishing is quite decent.  Andrew Pini and his two daughters from Grayslake, IL enjoyed the fishing in spite of the wind.  The picture below shows Andy and his daughter Sara holding a nice 19" beauty.  Smiles all around.

Summer pattern

Smallmouth have moved into their normal summer spots for sure.  Top water action has slowed as expected but cranks and tubes working.  Winds are a problem today but better conditions in the forecast.   

Best morning yet!

John Kozyra and his son Chris from Rockford, IL fished with me this morning for smallmouth bass.  At first the bite was slow but once we shifted to top water lures we rocked them.  We boated around 10 nice smallies with the biggest measuring 20 inches (see pic below).  All were released of course.  Good fishing plus blue skies and sunshine made Fathers' Day something special today.  I know I won't forget this morning.
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