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Summer pattern

Smallmouth have moved into their normal summer spots for sure.  Top water action has slowed as expected but cranks and tubes working.  Winds are a problem today but better conditions in the forecast.   

Best morning yet!

John Kozyra and his son Chris from Rockford, IL fished with me this morning for smallmouth bass.  At first the bite was slow but once we shifted to top water lures we rocked them.  We boated around 10 nice smallies with the biggest measuring 20 inches (see pic below).  All were released of course.  Good fishing plus blue skies and sunshine made Fathers' Day something special today.  I know I won't forget this morning.

Much improved

Smallmouth bass action is much improved thanks in large part to better weather conditions.  We caught some nice fat smallies last Sunday in Rowleys Bay as shown in the picture of Talya Mitsiopoulos (Illinois) below.  I tried fishing for walleyes on Monday but fairly strong north winds made fishing difficult.  After  few hours we gave up.  I suspect walleye action will start picking up in the Sister Bay area any day now so I'll keep trying to find some nice weather to give it another try.  My goal is to turn fishing into catching!   But weather is problematic all this week.  It rained close to 24 hrs straight yesterday with more in the forecast tomorrow and through the weekend.  Yuk!  
Keep your net wet!

Good fishing conditions

The weather over the Memorial Day weekend was ideal for anglers.  The bass played hide and seek but we finally caught some nice smallmouth on leeches Sunday morning.  We did not fish bass guarding nests as they have been hammered enough by anglers all season.  I say, let the bass do their job of guarding nests from predators like Gobies.   The water temperature was unseasonably high for this time of the year.  I suspect bass will be moving into colder water soon.  

Boat is in the water

 I traveled to Door County this week to start arranging things for the summer season.  I brought my Scout boat and will bring my Ranger boat on the next trip.  My first charter is scheduled for May 29th and I look forward to hitting the water once again in search of the mighty smallmouth bass.  Given the unusually warm spring I expect fishing action to be better than normal.   I was surprised to see that the Lake Michigan water level is down from last year which is not good news.  But lake levels normally rise during the next few months based on historical records so no panic yet.  Time to sharpen hooks!   

Spring is here!

We headed home from coastal Texas two weeks ago and never saw a snowflake on our journey home.  I Can't believe this lovely March weather in Wisconsin.  Quite a contrast to most years.  If the warm weather continues water temps will be rising earlier than normal in the Great Lakes area enabling earlier spawning conditions for fish.  I expect very good fishing in June given probable higher water temps and lake levels.  I continue to ready boats and tackle for the summer season.  Hope to see you this summer.

Happy New Year!

 It sure is a tough winter in Wisconsin so far and I am glad to be heading to the Texas Gulf coast next week for two months.  I'll bring the Scout and chase redfish, trout and flounder.  It is a blast and much like fishing smallmouth bass.  When I return in March I will start gearing up for the 2010 season in Door County.  Thanks to those who fished with me last season and I look forward to seeing you again next summer.  Stay warm and think Spring! 

Big walleye!

 Big walleye finally arrived in northern Door County.  Cool summer weather delayed their arrival, but judging from the beauty we caught this morning it was worth the wait.  The fish I am holding measured 29 inches long and weighed 9.5 lbs.  A trophy by anyones standards.  

Nice fish!

 Randy Lindert from Oconomomoc, Wisconsin landed this 20 inch, 4 pound smallie yesterday fishing with me in Rowleys Bay.  Trophy fish like this are common in Door County waters.

Plenty of action!

The past few days have seen surprisingly good action for smallmouth bass.  I've fished Rowleys Bay and the Mink River and found nice size smallies in both locations.  I especially like to see children catch trophy bass.  Check out this happy young lady who landed this 19" beauty yesterday afternoon.
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