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Dodging thunderheads

It was one of those mornings when thunder and lightning causes major problems with anglers trying to catch fish.  Smallmouth bass were hitting whenever weather allowed us to fish.  We had to cut it short but still managed to land a few big fish.  So it goes. 

West winds

 West winds have helped fishing in Door County.  We've been catching nice size smallmouth bass the past few days including many pushing 20 inches.  Check out the big grin on this young lad from Nebraska after catching a 4 pound 18.5" smallmouth on my boat the other day.  It's all about memories!  Walleye action is getting hot all over Door county as well.  Get on the water and catch some fish!

Solid action

 The smallmouth bite continues to be excellent with many fish measuring over 17 inches.  The Mink River also surprises anglers with occasional northern pike hits.  Overall, this season looks to be one of the best in many years.

Excellent smallmouth action!

 Stable, sunny weather is doing wonders for smallmouth action.  We landed 8 fish Sunday morning that measured 16.5 to 20.5 inches...not one small fish!  All were returned to fight again.  The Scout boat is working so well and I am able to fish locations that most boats dare not venture.  It is awesome fishing rarely fished waters.  Check out the dandy landed by a lucky angler from Illinois last Sunday.

Back in business

 June was traumatic to say the least.  On Memorial Day weekend my wife complained of a severe headache and had difficulty walking.  A trip to the ER found she was suffering from a subdura hematoma (brain bleed).  Brain surgery was immediate.  After two weeks in the hospital she was released and is doing well.  So we are back in Door County and I can once again return to charter fishing.  The smallmouth action has been excellent and the walleyes are moving into northern Door County.  My new Ranger boat should be ready for walleye action later this month.  But my Scout boat is proving to be a super bass fishing platform.  Give me a call and book a reservation.

Bass are biting!

 The smallmouth action has been excellent all month long.  Thanks to higher Lake Michigan water levels, I have had no problem navigating the mouth of the Mink River with my shallow draft bay boat.  The Mink holds lots of nice size fish and the scenery is fantastic.  Bring a fly rod and get ready for some explosive action.

A new boat!

I added a second boat to the Osprey Charter fleet today by buying a new Ranger Angler boat that will perfect for walleye and bass fishing.  I always wanted a Ranger and now my dream is about to come true.  I'll be picking the boat up in a week or two.  Until then I will be using my Scout for bass fishing.  I am leaving for Door County tomorrow and plan to hit the water ASAP.  Fishing report to follow next week.

Rigged and ready!

 I finished rigging my newest toy, a Scout 162SF center console boat for smallmouth fishing and she is ready to for action.  It is a very stable design and draws little water which should help navigate the Mink River.  I also like that it is so easy to fish out of compared to many higher draft boats. 


 Today marks the first day that the Osprey Charters website is operational.  There is  more content coming, but I am pleased with how it looks thanks to the fine work by Reel Charter Systems LLC, the website company for charter companies.  

The 2009 charter season is fast approaching and I am busy readying my new guide boat and  ordering new tackle and equipment.  I can't wait to hit the water and hunt for trophy smallmouth once again.  Stay tuned for more information about Osprey Charters.

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